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Address  17967 56 Ave #3, Surrey, BC V3S 1E2, Canada
Phone number  +1 604-574-8873
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My cat Maui became very sick, very fast. Dr Susan Thompson was very thorough and thoughtful in her initial examination. I was very worried and the staff was so sweet and reassuring. Maui was taken home each night by Dr Thompson so that she could monitor her. She phoned me in the evenings and mornings to update me on any changes. They always made sure that I was aware of the costs of Maui’s treatment, there was no surprises. The knowledge and professionalism is second to none at this clinic. I will never go anywhere else again! I truly feel that if I had not brought Maui to the Cats at Home Clinic she wouldn’t be with me at home today.

They are not incredibly expensive, and they know what they are talking about as far as feline health care. They include nail trims most of the time which is handy. There is a gentleman there that if he is present he will sometimes offer to carry your cat-carrier to your car. I found this extremely helpful when I had a leg injury but it is very nice he still does that even though I am capable of doing it myself. I work in a service industry, so small things like the above really impress me when I see them outside of my industry.

I have been a “Cats at Home” client since 2006, and I am so thankful that I found them! I have 2 cats who have been so very well cared for all of these years thanks to Dr. Susan Thompson, Jim Thompson and their staff. Dr. Thompson and her husband Jim care for my cats with as much love and concern as they do their own. They are dedicated to ensuring the best quality care and will go above and beyond the call of duty without hesitation – even taking my own cats home with them at times to monitor and maintain their levels of care. “Cats at Home” feline hospital provides a calm and reassuring environment for every visit, no matter how minor or serious the situation at hand. They are a professional team, from the reception desk to the trained assistants, everyone has grown to know and handle my cats with the utmost care, always keeping in mind their distinct personalities and specific needs in order to make each visit as relaxing as possible for them. I have been through a lot with my cats over the years, from food allergies to chronic ear problems and Dr. Thompson's advice has always been invaluable to their well being, and I trust her impeccably. I highly recommend “Cats at Home” to anyone requiring veterinary care for your cats. You will be made to feel like one of the family when you come, and taken care of with the highest levels of customer service and respect.

We have found our experience with this practice to be nothing but positive.The staff is very friendly and professional.Dr. Thompson is very thorough and goes above and beyond in her goal to be the best advocate for your cat.Our cat was a challenge for her to say the least because he didn't develop just one issue, but a host of them, one after the other. She was tireless in her quest for knowledge pertaining to his conditions if something was puzzling her, seeking out assistance from esteemed colleagues in her field when necessary.As our cat was diabetic requiring specific care, she would take him home with her if we needed to go away. She was a phone call away if we needed her, or we would find her checking in with us just to make sure all was well in her absence.She wouldn't have it any other way.When we needed to be educated about the procedures necessary to care for a diabetic cat, both Jim and Dr. Thompson were very patient and thorough so we felt confident that we could administer insulin and tend to Silver's needs as they arose.We cannot think of anyone we trusted more with our boy than Dr. Thompson or her staff.We have all laughed together, and when against all efforts,we had to say good bye to an important member of our family, we have all cried together too. We have a new addition to our family now. Her name is Cocoa. It is because of Dr. Thompson that she has found a home with us and for that we can't thank Susan enough.Dr. Thompson has been instrumental in helping to heal our broken hearts and she is Cocoa's doctor too.We wouldn't have it any other way. I would recommend pet insurance as a small investment for any of the four legged members of your family. It has given us peace of mind that should serious health concerns arise in the future, we won't be stressed with worry about having to make any decisions based solely on finances. You couldn't make a better choice than Cats at Home for the care of your valued feline family members.The care they would receive is beyond compare in its quality and consistency to ensure a long and healthy life.

Thank you for your rating. We appreciate acknowledgement of our standard of care for cats
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