Больница Ройал Колумбиан

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Address  330 E Columbia St, New Westminster, BC V3L 3W7, Canada
Phone number  +1 604-520-4253
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REVIEW#1-5 STARS ROYAL COLUMBIAN hospital emergency ward, New Westminster, BC While installing some exterior Hardie board siding on a mall fascade renovation, a co worker accidentally shot a roofing nail into my hand with a pneumatic coil nail gun. As the local medical clinic physician where we were working felt uncomfortable removing it, I had to wait 12 hours later until I got to the New Westminster emergency ward to finally have it taken out by the doctor working there- Laura Y Chng. She had a wonderful bedside manner in spite of being overwhelmed with a never-ending supply of patients, froze the wound area appropriately, & removed the nail without the expected dose of excruciating pain. Dr Chng would make any repair of a trauma wound as pleasant an experience as could be expected I imagine...The xray staff were very proficient as well. Thanks! Parking out along Columbia street in front of the hospital is fine as long as you have toonies or a credit card to pay with... REVIEW#2 - 5 STARS! ROYAL COLUMBIAN hospital emergency ward, New Westminster, BC June 3, 2018 On Wednesday this week, I slipped off a slippery roof and fell 12 feet landing basically flat on my back on a short 3 foot wall with my tail bone area taking the brunt of the impact...As medical imaging equipment in the Gulf islands clinics is lacking, I had to wait several days until I returned to the lower mainland to get checked out by a professional that I had not cracked my pelvis or tail bone vertebrae with the impact. I wasn't doing too much today, Sunday June 3, so I thought going to emerg to have someone give me the once over wouldn't be a bad idea...The ward was busy, as it was with my last visit for a roofing nail in the hand injury. I got in to see a doctor in under 2 hours this time. I had the pleasure of having Dr. Laura Y Chng assigned to me again this time, who gave me a lengthy battery of tests to determine whether I had any worrisome injured back symptoms as a result of the fall. She pointed out possible future problems that might arise from my injury and as well the inherent risks to the tissues in the area from a diagnostic xray. In the end, we decided an xray of my pelvis and tail bone area would be a good idea. I ended up with a clean bill of health other than my black and blue tail bone area. She was very friendly, charming, articulate and informative about issues that could arise from this type of injury to this particular area...There are far worse places to be when hurt than at Royal Columbian, in Dr. Chng's capable hands, the emerg staff's hands or the excellent xray staff's hands. Thanks! I hope my next visit does not come quite so soon... Johnny k welsh coquitlam bc

This is a great hospital. We had an emergency and just about everyone was very caring professional. from the nurses to the doctors and technician. Nurse Estelle from the e.r was amazing! They were very thorough. My only gripe would be the young lady at admitting was abit on the rough side other than that this is a great hospital.

My mom was admitted here and I had spent every day of her two-week stay at this hospital visiting her. There are definite improvements in order. However, the nursing staff cared and took care of my mom and treated us very kindly. I was certainly glad for the level of care that my mom received.

I just spent 9 days in the high Acuity Trauma Ward following an ATV accident. I have so much respect and admiration for the nurses in this Ward, they are actual angels! Thank you so much for nursing me back to health. You are all amazing at your jobs and probably don't hear enough that you are appreciated!

Just had my baby here. The nurses and doctors are very nice and friendly. The room is big and clean. They handled my emergency C section very well. The anesthesiologist here is great. He was right there when I needed him and explained everything very well. I had a unexpected reaction to the drug and he took care of it too. The nurses at the Maternry centre are very responsible and patient. They checked on me all the time when I was there. I even received a free massage section from the program. The only negative thing is that the road around the hospital is under construction now so it is hard to find the parking lot.

You guys saved my foster mom. Thank you so much. Doctors kind and skillful. Good location.
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