Гилдфорд Парк Секондари Скул

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Address  10707-146 Street, Surrey, BC V3R 1T5, Canada
Phone number  +1 604-588-7601
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I still go to this school. its great. but there's still some things that just annoyed me to no avail, its the fact that the teachers don't do anything when people are being bullied

Mr.Olsen is the most fashionable teacher in the world. (I used a hyperbole. I learned that in class.)

Been here since grade 8, I love it!

i went to guildford park last year and i only went there from grade 8 till 9 but i would say it's the best school in the world not really concerned about people ya so i think if you are a high school student you should try to go there if you haven't been there before haha


Awesome public high school
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