Суонгард Стадиум

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Address  3883 Imperial Street, Burnaby, BC V5G 4H7, Canada
Phone number  +1 604-297-4848
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We come here once a year for my daughters school Track day. Decent stadium, but the public hours arent the greatest. We use to want to train our daughter here but the public hours were during the day when she should be at school and I at work.(maybe thats changed since last year). Plenty of space in the stands and the field is well maintained. There is a concession stand there, but not entirely sure what they serve as we take her track days seriously and she has to eat healthy opposed to popcorn and whatever else they serve. Washrooms seem to be kept up with with a decent amount of toilets/sinks. Good parking area as well.

It has a lot of things that are needed in many places like big bathrooms, clean bathrooms, snacks, a shady place to sit and lots of space for the public.

This stadium is used for all kinds of events, and not just athletic ones. It's very well lit in the evenings with massive light arrays.

Great 5k run with the Maywood school kids today

Courage! Rovers! We're gonna win, it doesn't matter!

Don't mess with the swans, they're on gaurd...

Nicest little neighbourhood stadium in the West.
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