Холмарк Форд Сейлс

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Address  10025 152 St, Surrey, BC V3R 4G6, Canada
Phone number  +1 604-584-1222
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We are always very happy and satisfied with the work we have done at hallmark ford service. Everyone that works there is so helpful, friendly and very efficient. Floyd is so knowledgeable and answers all our questions. The work is always explained to us when we pick up our flex and we feel very confident when we bring our flex in for our regular maintenance. We tell all our friends about the great service we get and recommend that they go there for their regular maintenance as well.

My daughters vehicle had an issue with a transmission module- car wouldn't start due this malfunction. We had towed the car to Hallmark after hours and used the after hours service process. I called the next morning to see what they could do. They were swamped that day, but after explaining we really needed the car back and we really couldn't take it anywhere else without having it towed- the service desk said they would do their best to look at it. Hallmark diagnosed the issue and called me by 11:00 AM and managed to get the repairs done by end of day. Also helped that this was a recall/warranty issue. Very happy with how they dealt with us.

Always happy when I come here. They also have shuttle service that most dealers rarely offer. The service is very excellent.

We purchased and maintain our van with Hallmark Ford and find Floyd and the staff very helpful in explaining what services need to be done to maintain our vehicle. Scheduling is quick, at the times I need it. And, the "lift" to and from my residence is wonderful. Earl
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