Элгин Парк Секондари

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Address  13484 24 Ave, Surrey, BC V4A 9V2, Canada
Phone number  +1 604-538-6678
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ching chong ding dong how they teach this school is wrong.

Great school. I want Mr.Moffett back though

some excellent teachers. some mediocre. very good and kind-hearted students. The school isn't too competitive in academics though. graduated in 2013.

Great place to go to high school except for the lack of school spirit. Some very passionate teachers and pretty good facilities. Would recommend.

A good school

Teachers are decent. They are there to help you can care for your education. However, the cafeteria is absolute garbage. I am not sure how it is even legal to serve the food there. The food always tastes horrible and is nowhere close to the Canadian Food Guide. Furthermore the price, you pay you could buy a new iPhone or go a week without cafeteria food. Also, the nearest place to eat is a 5-minute drive. So bring lunch from home or don't Honestly, it is just an average high school. Not much to it. High school is just an intermediate step in life before university so no need to stress about it.

I haven’t been here for very long but so far it has been great. I gave Elgin 4 stars because I find it difficult to get to my classes in only 5 minutes. Other then that, the teachers and people are fine.
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