7 Seas Fish Market

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Address  Суррей, Британская Колумбия V4P 3N7, Canada
Phone number  +1 604-541-8558
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Love this place!!! We shop here every weekend in the summer. It's always very fresh and the people are very friendly and helpful

The Ahi tuna poke and candied salmon are my favourite treats!

Fantastic fish, love the smell of the store, you can tell that everything is indeed fresh! Highly recommend the salmon dip

We almost always get our seafood here, at least our oysters, smoked cod, and crab. Lots of selection with some seasonal deals.

Store is open until 6pm NOT 4:30 as stated !!

I heard that 7 Seas sold fresh fish and I don't eat farmed fish and won't by seafood from a grocery store (I did say fresh). The place is nice and clean and the staff friendly and helpful. Parking isn't the greatest as this mini mall is quite busy. I brought home 2 huge portabella mushrooms stuffed with shrimp, crab and cheese. I also brought home fresh large prawns to be bbq'd together with the steaks. The mushrooms were delicious and wow I never cared for prawns before but these were juicy and meaty. I think I've found my fish store. It's a bit of a drive for me but worth it! I decided that if something isn't fresh or local as it should be where possible then it's not going into my basket. Time to support more small business owners.

Good quality and staff are helpful.
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