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Bel Bronzo Tanning & Swimwear

15785 Croydon Dr #G107, Surrey, BC V3S 2L6, Канада
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+1 604-535-5313

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Kind girlies working here. Just renovated to accomodate more bed. Red light therapy, regular lay doen bed stand up beds plus enhanced bed. Other light therapy features i havnt looked into. Many lotions. Not a whole lot of bathing suits. Many clearance items .

Bel Bronzo is hands down the # 1 place for swimwear, customer service and tanning. As a business woman in this community I am here to say this place has incredible owners, who have a special gift at bringing in the latest most stunning swimwear from around the globe. I have always found the sexiest bikini's here! No need to waste your time going downtown. PLEASE DISREGARD the negative comments made previously as they are NOT true. This place is SPOTLESS WITH #1 PRODUCTS AND SERVICE. In fact I have recommended this place hundreds of times and will continue too. I will be travelling again soon and today I am so excited to head down to Bel Bronzo so I can buy some of their newest stunning bikini's for my trip! Sincerely from Susanna Calendino a 100% SATISFIED CUSTOMER!

Honestly I think the previous comments are from competitors... I have no idea what they think is filthy, but this place is totally clean. I've even used their washroom, which is also a laundry room - and it's quite organized. Smells nice, and yes, very clean. Keep in mind, I have been a customer for a couple years. They have a large clothing section, and I'd say the most advanced beds I've seen. Especially the high pressure. Prices are high, that's business. Go pay less for lesser quality else where if you don't like it!

I have been a regular customer for over 3 years, and I have never had bad service or a bad experience. I have been to many tanning salons over the years and I have to say Bel Bronzo is the cleanest I have been to. The owners are helpful and knowledgeable. The prices may be higher than some other salons but you get what you pay for! Their equipment is modern and they maintain them very well!

The best place for a tan! The staff is extremely knowledgable and friendly and the tanning beds are high end. I have been going here for ages and it simply doesn't get better than this! I would definitely recommend Bel Bronzo to everyone that I know!

the staff at bel bronzo are so knowledgable and friendly! I've been a loyal customer for 4 years, they continually are improving their products and services, and are honest with tanning advice to keep you and your skin healthy - 10/10 :)
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