Blenz Coffee Sullivan Heights

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Address  14330 64 Ave #108, Surrey, BC V3W 1Z1, Canada
Phone number  +1 778-564-5656
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This is the BEST place to go, when you are driving. Recommend this coffee shop for large car meetup clubs because the parking lot is large and so are the windows to see the cars. 15-20 cars could be parked around the coffee shop in good view.

Customer service here is great! Always very nice and informative. Drinks are usually good as well, clean and chill environment

Когда мы посещали Ванкувер, мы заметили, что на каждом углу есть смесь, как если бы вы видели Starbucks или Тима Хортона в Эдмонтоне. Мы знали, что это место мы должны были попробовать. В жаркий летний день у нас был хороший магазин Frappuccinos. Я обязательно вернусь в следующий раз, когда буду в городе / провинции.

Best mochas I've ever had. Real chocolate makes a huge difference.

Great service everytime. Good coffee and lots of space to meet with a small group.

The best place to study for student. They serve the best espresso and latté in Surrey. The milk mocha is my favourite. Like sitting arrangement, lastly the atmosphere is quite and good.

Friendly staff, funky decor and great drinks.

Great customer service
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