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Bollywood Hungama Dance Academy

12815 85 Ave unit # 103, Surrey, BC V3W 0K8, Канада
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+1 604-594-7999

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Bollywood Hungama was an excellent dance experience. I took a few classes before my wedding to learn how to dance and to gain some confidence on the dance floor. My instructor Amanda was excellent, very professional, courteous, and talented! She did a really good job of breaking down the dance steps and providing me with ample instruction. I could not be happier! Highly recommend them if you are looking to learn a dance for a wedding or for fun. A great experience overall.

As someone of a different culture about to wed a Bollywood historian. I thought I would surprise my bride, guests and family with an original Bollywood routine. Needed to find a studio... Naturally I knew very little about Bollywood aside from the shoulder shrugs. I was worried and anxious about what I would say or even ask at any dance studio. I walked into the studio and right away was greeted with a warm and friendly smile. All my worrying and anxiety vanished. I was introduced to instructor Amanda. We hit it off right away. She knew exactly what I was going for and what the end result should look like. The classes were amazing. The techniques ranged from simple to advanced. Amanda sized me up right away. We began with simple moves and as I became more confident, she threw in more advanced and complicated moves. Amanda's dance knowledge was vast & incredible and gosh darn can she move! The routine she created was first class. Guests loved the performance. Such a great experience.

It's an amazing school. My daughter started this school in 2014, she loves it. Staff and management is very professional and friendly, they take care of kids like their own children.

Best dance school.Professional Teachers.Very friendly staff. Best place to learn variety of dance styles .Must go for all ages.

Great dance school. My daughter is no more shy and progressing in dance.

It's a great environment for the kids to engage with each other and get busy leaning to dance from beginner level to advanced. Teachers are great and they give personal attention to all kids in the group. Kids gets to take part in community events & become well rounded individuals. Both my kids love it.!

Bollywood Hungama Dance Academy generously donated their staff and lessons to teach students in Spring Break Camps in Surrey. Their contribution impacted the lives of many students who would not otherwise be exposed to learning a new type of dance. The instructors were engaging and the students had a great time learning the dance. The instructor made the class simple and easy for the kids to follow along and learn as well interactive. By the end of the class the kids were taught a full routine and played some fun dance related games. Everyone had a great time. Thank you Bollywood Hungama Dance Academy!

Very good experienced staff . Friendly environment.Thanks Bollywood Hungama for making our event memorable.
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