Bon Ga Korean Restaurant

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Address  10356 Whalley Blvd, Surrey, BC V3T 4H4, Canada
Phone number  +1 604-589-8400
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i ordered Spicy Backbone Soup, Korean Sausage, Cold Noodle and Pickled Cabage Pork,Seafood Pancake. Food was very tasty. It also has many traditional Korean private rooms for friends/family/kids which i really like. A true hidden gem in metro Vancouver.

We ordered the number 12 pork soup based on other reviews and it did not disappoint! It was really generous with soft, succulent pork meat. The soup broth is seasoned heavily and a little peppery but, I liked it. It is served on a hot pot burner. We also had the potstickers and deep fried sweet and spicy chicken. Both were good but, the chicken was unconventional in seasoning compared to what we have had at multiple other Korean restaurants. It’s got more of a heavy cinnamon hit. And beware it has bones!! Otherwise it was juicy and had really nice crisp exterior. The parking is severely lacking but you can apparently park to the lot beside it.

our favorite : Gamjatang (pork back bone soup), mandu (deep fried dumplings), bibimbap (hot stone rice bowl)

It's a great place to to have fun with friends or family. The food was tasty and it wasn't expensive (it depends where you're ordering). The service was great and friendly. By the way, there are private room but it's a bit cold.

We have been here many times. this time we ordered a new dish, the fried chicken. It was nicely battered and had a clean deep fry taste (ie oil felt clean). We also got jap che, some bowl bimbimbap, beef tofu hotpot soup, and they always come out consistently good. Noodles are a big portion and we were happy to take it back home.

Super friendly server. Large portions. Tastes amazing. Price was very reasonable for what we got.

Nice authentic Korean food in Surrey. Love the gamjahtang. Must try!!
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