Boothroyd Heritage Coffee

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Address  16811 60 Ave, Surrey, BC V3S 1T1, Canada
Phone number  +1 778-571-0905
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Great staff, food, and ambiance. A sweet spot to work remotely, all in a well decorated historical house! Love creative independently owned coffee shops - a treasure for sure!

Soup and grilled cheese was so good! Had it with a peach mango smoothie which was not too sweet and super fresh! Love to do my homework here sometimes.

This is an awesome little local coffee shop. I love sitting here Sunday and reading the paper.

There is a variety of places to sit and great coffee on offer. Bathroom was pristine. High marks! Will definitely hit this place up again

Nice little coffeeshop in an old heritage home. Friendly staff and delicious coffees and treats.

Good coffee! Staff are friendly One thing that I noticed when I came was when paying with a card, one is prompted to add a tip. There is also a tip jar on the counter. This made me wonder. I did not know tipping at coffee shops was a thing. From what I understand, tips are for rewarding service above and beyond what one has paid for. If I buy a sandwich at Subway, they make my sandwich, I sit down and eat it there. If I buy a coffee, I'll sit down and drink it at the coffee shop, and at neither place do I get an employee wait on my table. If you're at a restaurant, your tips are generally based on the service of the waiter. We'd say that if we had an awesome server, we'd say their performance deserves a good tip, and vice versa. But for baristas? I'm stuck on what I'm supposed to be basing this tip on. If anyone can answer this, I'm genuinely curious to know. Aside from that, this is a cool little place I'll be coming back to.

Great service, awesome coffee and atmosphere! Love it here!

Great little coffee house with rustic charm, friendly staff and fantastic coffee. Baristas are excellent, my latte looks almost too pretty to drink.
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