Brownsville Pub

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Address  11940 Old Yale Rd, Surrey, BC V3V 3X3, Canada
Phone number  +1 604-580-1841
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It's Been 30yrs since I first came here & I was with my Dad in again in 2007, the place hasn't changed a Bit in the Bar but not the same people friendly bit but Still some Very Happy Memories. Wanted to find the Old owner Robert H Stewart from the 1987 years along with a Gentleman called Brian but to no Avail. Honest John The Wandering Wallsgrove

It's like a big family gathering. Everyone knows everyone else. Most people have been going there for years. It's like a cheers in Surrey.they are really nice to visitors

I bought a 25' Reinell fibreglass day cruiser. Something I can trailer. It did not come with a trailer so I bought one here at Brownsville Pub and RV in Surrey B.C. Now I can fish and cruise the smaller lakes and rivers where my big yaught can not go. Yee Ha!!!!

Nice bar. Great staff. Love the karaoke n meat draws

Friendly staff. Good food

Always consistent and one of my favourites waitresses. Walk in and I get the usual with a smile.

A bit funny but definitely a tradition on that area of Surrey. I just love the place!

Good food, good service, good prices.

Great food good service nice place to go
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