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Address  20058 Industrial Ave #106, Langley, BC V3A 4K7, Canada
Phone number  +1 604-727-4270
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Picked up a 1992 Mustang 5.0 Hatchback LX. I brought it in to get ready to apply for collector plates. When I went in Cal was super friendly and you can tell he loves making cars new again! Way better than I expected it would look! Just got my plates today!! First class all the way!! Won't go anywhere else from now on!! Thank you!

Hey Guys! Thanks for all your wonderful comments, as you know we book by appointment, as described on our web site. So if you happen to drive by, just know we may be out on a job, or delivering a car, so if we are not there, please call, no need for a bad review because you missed us. As being a moms and pops business, we do not have employees and do all the work ourselves. We are open on week ends, please call ahead to book an appointment, we monitor our phone day and night 7 days a week. :) *As we are by appointment only* Thank you so much. Cal and Wendy CWD

Calvin and Wendy did a great job on a truck I had purchased from a friend. Went in with tree sap and caked on dirt as it had been used for camping, came out with a brand new truck! Will definitely be recommending their services to friends

My car got drenched in the rain after leaving the sunroof open overnight and initially thought I'd need to have it detailed. Cal gave me 3 options that would fit my budget and was open and sincere about his recommendation. He worked with me on my budget but provided excellent service... even driving me back to work while he worked on the car. Great service! Will definitely recommend them:)

I made the mistake of parking my white car under a tree, and the leaves left green stains all over the hood and roof. I figured I would have to have the car detailed to remove the stains so I wanted to find a company that I could trust, and one that would would be honest without trying to up-sell me on everything. This proved to be more difficult that I thought, and I was a little discouraged until I found CWD. I phoned Cal who suggested that he could try a few things before considering doing anything more drastic. I understand that business is business but it was so nice to have someone give honest suggestions that are best for the customer rather than suggesting an option that would make the most money for their business. Long story short, before I was able to come in, I was able to get the stains off with a clay bar. However, in my conversation with Cal and Wendy I can already tell they are the best! The other reviews already speak to the great work they do. But equally as important, they are so sincere, give great customer service, and give you good, honest advice about what the work that should be done. I will definitely be bringing my vehicles here in the future, and I will be suggesting to all my friends for their detailing needs.

Very professional and outstanding service, will definitely be coming back!

Amazing job van looks brand new inside and out. Very pleasant and friendly and delivered my van back home. Will definitely recommend Calvin and Wendy. Thanks again

Thanks for the ckean car - good, fast service!
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