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Very honest and down-to-earth, felt no pressure which is unusual for car buying experiences in my opinion, I could have walked away without guilt if I needed to which is important to me. That freedom to be able to breathe really allows you to actually come to a decision that is right for you, rather than end up in a bad situation (sort of like how we did with our other car purchased directly from a manufacturer dealership -- something I may never do again). Anyway, I love my itty bitty car, it is perfect ♥ Everything they've said appears to have been true to their word, I have not a negative thing to say about the whole thing or the car. They were extremely accommodating on a Sunday morning to make sure we got what we needed. I'd drive the 40 minutes back to buy another car from them any time!

City Wide Luxury - Full service auto dealer with great selection of mid to high end vehicles. Also the have a full service detailing operation onsite.

Before you make that final decision, make sure to at least talk with Blair or other members of his team - FIRST!!! Auto purchase can be a huge expense and you just want to make sure you are getting the right car at a fair price. The CWL team will help to ensure this. Best scenario is to speak with Blair when you start looking. Chances are, he will help you find the right car at the right price!!

I purchased a vehicle from Blair about two months ago. I have been looking for a new "guy" that I can trust for my car purchases (my family currently runs four vehicles). I believe I have found that guy. I appreciated Blair's low key, matter of fact demeanour. He seemed genuinely interested in making sure that I had the right vehicle for my budget and needs. I love the car. There was a minor issue that Blair dealt with immediately. He actually picked up the car from my place of business and then had it returned with the minor repair done and the car washed inside and out - at no cost. I would not hesitate to recommend Blair.

These guys have gem cars at their dealership. Darcy provided an excellent service and went out of the way to help me. Anyone looking for a luxury car and a 5 star service should contact him.

Blair and his staff are very professional. I recommend this company.

We were treated with the highest level of professionalism while buying our car at CWL. Howard was exceptional in his knowledge and service. His attention to detail was appreciated. Blair made sure we left feeling 100% satisfied. CWL has exceeded our expectations and we would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a quality vehicle. Thank you! Kevin and Cheryl

Car shopping is one of our least favourite things to do but my wife and I were really impressed by all of the staff at CWL Auto. They were straight forward and gave us a fair deal from the beginning instead of playing games and wasting time like some of the other dealerships we dealt with. We did get a pre-purchase inspection which, for whatever reason, noticed things that CWL's technician hadn't. CWL, took the vehicle to the Honda dealership right away and had the issue addressed. We would definitely do business with them again.

After being on this earth for nearly 45 years, I had never bought a pre-owned vehicle until I bought one from CWL earlier this year. They were very patient with me while I asked many questions and helped ease my reservations about purchasing used. After 6 mos, I'm just as in love with my car as I was the first moment I laid eyes on it. Great customer service, very accommodating and a pleasure to deal with!
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