Cineplex Cinemas Strawberry Hill

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Address  12161 72 Ave, Surrey, BC V3W 2M1, Canada
Phone number  +1 604-501-9400
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We just had a birthday party here the staff were amazing ! Cost was very affordable compared to other birthday venues only cost slightly more than the most affordable theaters but it had newer movies better seats and snacks and so many many perks. I was able to book it within less than a week. I would highly recommend having a party here. The staff alone made it worth every penny the kids had a great time and so did I it was a stress free party.

Your average top tier movie theatre. Has both new mainstream movies as well as a few Punjabi movies W.E.S.T. All seats are recliners so it's nice and comfy. Unfortunately only some theatres have the "love seat" chairs where the middle comes up. Nice location as there is food and plaza attached. Easy to access via transit. Go here often

Ну, места не работали, однако, молодая леди в билетной кассе назначила нам два новых места, и мы были в порядке. Я должен сказать еще одну приятную вещь о ней. Перед нами был человек, чьи проблемы собирались занять немного больше времени, чем у нас, и наш фильм из-за того, что нам нужно было сидеть, уже началось. Итак, эта молодая женщина спросила человека перед нами, если он не возражает, чтобы позволить нам идти перед ним. Он любезно позволил нам идти вперед. Эта молодая женщина ... и единственный способ, которым я могу ее выделить, - сказать, что она была черной женщиной, была удивительно доброй и продуманной. Спасибо ей!

I was surprised they had reclining seats! Loved it. However, the washrooms are a trek throughout the building and up the stairs, so if you have to go during a movie, you're going to miss a lot! Disappointed that they can't look up scene card by phone number as mine fell between the seats in the car and vanished on my way in :(

Went to see Ready Player One with my buddy, Danny. His wife was having a girls night at their place. Danny paid for the tickets (such a gentleman) because he said he owed me a beer anyway, which I had no recollection of. Honestly, he was probably right. I usually start forgetting stuff after about three drinks because I'm such a lightweight, so chances are I picked up a tab at some point. Anyway, the film (yes film. We're not savages) was excellent and the movie theatre played the whole thing through with no errors, well done! Afterwards, Danny and I got a drink at the bar and talked about Dungeons and Dragons. I paid for the drinks. The game is still on.

Very comfy seats, I watched my first Bollywood movie here. "Veer the Wedding" it was awesome. The staff were very friendly despite the Saturday night busy frenzy, and there is lots of parking which is a plus.
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