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Consulate General of the Philippines

999 Canada Pl #660, Vancouver, BC V6C 3E1, Канада
Phone number
+1 604-685-7645

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Came here 2/8/2018 from Washington State, We came here to renew our Philippine Passport too, the experience we had was awesome service! very professional and friendly team members. Fastest service I/we ever had renewing passport! I felt bad for not having an appointment set but they still did accommodate us( we really need to renew it right away). All I can say is try to set an appointment on their website It's pretty much straight forward from there.

went there for dual citizen oath taking and passport renewal .staff are all polite and very helpful took only 45 minutes to done all this.

We came all the way from Seattle WA and our renewal application experience is so smooth. The FDA representatives were all friendly and will not scare you off. To be honest, some of the Phil government employees are snotty but not here in Phil Consulate Vancouver Canada, they are very patient with us when we need to buy more envelopes, they waited for us and very respectfull.

I came to the Consulate to get a tourist visa and it was a smooth, efficient process. Only one person ahead of me at wicket 7 (visas and dual citizenship specifically). Five minutes of waiting and they were done. My turn at the wicket was efficient checking of my documentation, filled-in information, and flight itinerary. Five minutes she was done, saying the visa would be ready in three days. Sidestep to the cashier wicket next to me and then I was done. A great experience for me.

i don't know about all this bad ratings and comments about the Consulate General of the Philippines, because me and my wife went there yesterday to get her Philippine passport renewal, the whole process only took less than 10 min, they were very polite and helpful.
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