Cuatro Coffee

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Address  9014 152 St, Surrey, BC V3R 4E7, Canada
Phone number  +1 604-498-2418
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The experience we had as a giant group of 21 people was really good. The baristas were very kind and the rates for the drinks and pastries were very good. The shop is small but it adds to the charm of a modern coffee shop. The store is very clean and cozy and I will definitely be back, not just as a group but individually also.

I was in the coffee industry at one time and I am still involved as a very serious hobby. The people at Cuatro are different than other shops. They take their business very seriously and care about what they serve and the customers that they serve. Hands down they are the friendliest coffee shop in Surrey and the coffee quality is fantastic. Unlike most small shops they also have an excellent in-house bakery. I sat and watched the baristas very carefully and they are meticulous with every drink that they serve. Cuatro also serves locally roasted coffee that is fresh and properly made. This kind of dedication and care is rare in the coffee business. I call it "Putting love in the cup". As a side comment, Cuatro also uses the best equipment out there.

Nice hidden little coffee shop. They close at 6 but also offer private groups to rent out the place after hours for $75 an hour (2 hour minimum).

Great food, coffee and ambiance. Excellent service. I had the Vanilla caramel latté and a cranberry white chocolate scone.

Amazing staff, great service, and delicious and beautifully handcrafted espresso beverages! Definitely will be a repeat customer, great first time experience!

What a pleasant surprise to find such a unique coffee shop. Menu is above others and you can actually relax as it is quiet and quaint!

Awesome scones. Nice staff.

So happy we found this place! Family run with a really nice and friendly owner. His wife bakes all the pastries herself. The place smelled amazing! The lattes were excellent and they use locally roasted coffee beans. The aesthetics were stylish and classy. PLEASE go here instead of Starbucks or Tim Hortons!
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