Deepu's No Frills

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Address  12852 96 Ave, Surrey, BC V3V 6A8, Canada
Phone number  +1 866-987-6453
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Typical no-frills store with decent prices and a pretty big variety of products! Don't expect to find any fancy ones here or something very explicit... Clean store, helpful stuff and plenty of parking all around the area.

It has almost everything I need at good prices. They also cycle specials around the store weekly. When it's really busy I find that there aren't enough cashiers though.

Walked in looking for a copy of NHL18 for my son. All he's talked about for the past 5 years is "The return of GZ". I had no idea what he was talking about until he told me the story. "Hands down the dirtiest team there was, you should have see their curve shots!!!!". Finally it was making sense. My son has been playing hockey for 10 years now, he's been banned from every league due to not passing and repeatedly trying to glitch goal every chance he gets. He always talks about the legendary Deepu. 5* for the sickest hands in the league. Oh Yea, food is a great price too!

Amazing store, nofrills at all. Can get all Indian Asian grocery in here

Good Staff and friendly service. Very clean store. The prices are generally very competitive here. Fruits and vegetables seem to be very good and clean. 110% customer service.
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