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Dynamic Health and Fitness

800 Carnarvon St #335, New Westminster, BC V3M 0G3, Канада
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+1 604-521-8746

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I really like this gym. It's clean, there's enough space, if the fitness classroom doesn't have a class you can stretch in there, the staff are lovely, the equipment is good, and the bathroom/change room is always spotless. I've been coming pretty much since it opened, and have not had any issues. Again, love the staff. I am going to try one of their personal trainers this year! It does get crowded at peak hours, but what gym doesn't?

Loving this gym. I mean the yellow paint leaves a little bit to be desired and it would be awesome if they were open a little later on weekends- but the location is amazing, the equipment is great, the staff are fantastic, and the pricing is totally reasonable. I've moved many times and been a member at a ton of gyms as a result, so I have to say this place is great and I totally recommend it.

Good staff and members are respectful. 5 stars because of Stephen and Angilena for Yoga. Best instructors ever.

Really good gym. Been a member since September 2017. When applying for membership, the staff was polite, and well informed. Really good atmosphere to come and workout. Great location, and really close to transit, also has great hours. Would highly recommend coming here if you’re looking for a gym to go to.

After being a Club 16 member for 5 years, this was a great upgrade. Membership costs a bit more but it's still much cheaper compared to other health & fitness clubs out there. Great variety of equipment, co-ed & women-only workout areas as well as a studio/stretching room. While I'm usually not there during peak hours, I'm not having to fight for space/equipment like I did at Club 16.

Never met friendlier gym staff Wouldn't mind a few machines updated, but they've got what almost everything you need. Can use chalk too, if you clean up after yourself. Would recommend going before 5pm when it gets busy!

I joined this gym a few months ago, and have been really pleased so far. I've belonged to many gyms in the past 15 years, and I was a bit of a difficult client. But Jeff took the time to work out a membership that worked both for me, and for him. And that's just good business. The gym is kept well organized, and has all sorts of different bits of equipment to customize your workout. There's a complaint/suggestions box in the wc, so the choices they've made about layout, equipment composition, hours etc are likely well thought out. Obviously not everyone will agree with all their choices, but they invite criticism, and are clearly trying to strike a balance that will please as many people as possible. Again, that's just good business. Thanks Jeff.

Good gym, it’s clean, staff are friendly, its a bit crowded sometimes but most good gyms are. My only petpeeve is that I notice a lot of people resting on benches while talking/texting on their phones. Please be a good human being and share the bench if humanly possible lol.

Very Neat&Clean,Well Organized Gym. And Crew are Good Friendly and Nice Customer service. Specially Laura is Very Friendly Lady And Good Customer service.
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