Fleetwood Park Secondary School

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Address  7940 156 St, Surrey, BC V3S 3R3, Canada
Phone number  +1 604-597-2301
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I really appreciate the location of this school. It is in a residential area, where vehicle traffic is low (except for rush hour when everyone is trying to drop their kids off). I only wish that there were more bus stops nearby, because the only ones have a 335 detour south. There is a great music program with funny teachers. The kids can be weird sometimes, as with the rest of the high school experience. Overall, a good school that some may describe as "low-budget."

Home to the Dragons, and my local secondary school, Fleetwood Park is one of the top-rated schools of School District 36 in Surrey, with exceptional teachers in various subjects.

This school has been blessed with many good teachers like ms.Chong and Ms.hendry

The finest science and math teachers in the province. Shoutout to Ms. Sandhu, Ms. Kang, Ms. Christiansen, Ms. Hiebert, Mr. Nociar, and (the MAN, the MYTH, THE LEGEND) Ms. Kang's son.

Good teachers+ excellent athletic program

Good school, good sports
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