Fresh St. Market

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Address  15930 Fraser Hwy, Surrey, BC V4N 0X8, Canada
Phone number  +1 778-578-8970
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I have a love/hate relationship with this place. Wife loves going here, I hate going here. She loves the bakery and the sandwiches, I hate how far it is from us and the prices on the more "normal" groceries, but I do love making her happy, so I take her here. Plus I too love the sandwiches. But please guys, can you move your store next to my house? Pretty please? I'm sure it can't be that expensive. And I said please. My mommy always told me if I said please I would get what I want, did she lie to me? Is my whole life a lie?

Great food market. I'm really impressed by the layout and the setup of the store. It's super organized and clean. They have a wide assortment of vegetables both organic and not organic and locally grown stuff too. The fresh meats and fish is awesome and they have natural almond butter and peanut butter. There is a good selection of dried fruit and a wide selection of nuts. The whole store is really thought out and a great selection in every food category.

Great meat and seafood. Excellent sales deals each week. Good selection of gluten free products. Staff are very well trained, always friendly and eager to ensure your shopping experience is the best possible.

It's good. Check the receipt before driving off though. But even after getting double charged they gave me a gift card for the error. I really like this place and will keep going back.

Love fresh st. Market place. Best of the best quality and amazing fresh. Great place to grab a quick lunch also as they offer fresh cooked hot items

This is the place you need to go if you want a better shopping experience. The fruit and vegetables are always fresh. The baked good here are on another level! Meat and fish depart is great! The couple that makes sushi there are great! They make very good sushi for the price. They have a coffee Roastery with many different coffee and tea options. It's located on the far right when you walk in and the Americano is tasty! You must try it once! Highly recommended!

this place has great quality stuff but the prices are a bit out there on some stuff. definetly pay attention to what your grabbing. decent staff
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