Fresh St. Market - Panorama Surrey

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Address  15127 BC-10, Surrey, BC V3S 9A5, Canada
Phone number  +1 604-575-1488
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Great grocery store! True to their name, everything seems always to be very fresh. Staff are always helpful and pleasant, and the store, itself, has a very modern/rustic appeal to it. Inside, one can find all the grocery necessities (produce, deli, bakery etc.) as well as a lovely little coffee shop counter. Personally, I appreciate this store for the variety of items and, of course, the vegan groceries. This is the only place in Surrey I've been able to find Daiya mac and cheese! My only criticisms are the pricing, which is mostly fine, but a little high on some items, and the frozen layout is a little weird as they intersperse most of the vegan items, rather than lump them together for convenience.

Love shopping here, service is always excellent. Don't come here expecting prices anywhere close to places like walmart or superstore, but do come for the atmosphere. They regularly hold events where they set up tents outside where you can get a meal for $5 (chili cook-off, grilled-cheese cook-off, halibut festival etc..) and it's absolutely fantastic. I'm a frugal shopper but I come here anyways for small shops just to support them because I want them to stay and continue their community events :) Their weekly deals are often pretty decent too.

It's perfectly located in the business area of 152nd and route 10 and is always stocked with healthy (and non healthy) options to choose from for my family. AMAZING DESERT OPTIONS for a large grocery store like this and it really has a high quality hidden gem feel with many fresh options. Store is fairly large and staff are all friendly. No bad experiences in the over dozen times I've shopped there. Well managed.

Clean and fresh market. Beautiful floral dept. And by far the best grilled veggie patty sandwich I’ve ever had! It’s a great environment here and very friendly staff. -Owen, you made a great veggie sandwich for me and a delicious smelling chicken with egg sandwich for my bf. Thank you. I’ve been here multiple times as a pit stop for snacks and stretching out our legs from a long car ride into south surrey and it’s consistency on high standards led me to write this review. Thoroughly impressed.

A great little market, with a huge selection of groceries, deli, hot and cold sandwiches, soups, salads, seafood and top grade deli meats. Prices and comparable and reasonable to the big box stores. I highly recommend everyone try Fresh Street Market ... It's my new favorite place to shop!!!!! 11 out of 10!!

Love love love this store. They carry alot of local things such as soup mix, perogies, hot sauce... The store is always very clean, the employees are very nice and helpful, and they actually hire enough employees for the store. The "ready to eat" is my favorite. I love the tuna melts. And the hot soups are amazing. We have eaten here many times for lunch and dinner. They also have a cute little eating area at the front of the store with big windows. I highly recommend this place.

Love fresh st! It has some of the best quality produce in the area. Plus there staff are super friendly and efficient

Prices are a little high. But you pay for the atomosphere and unique selection of food. Highlights are the baked goods, sushi and freshly made sandwiches. Excellent option for grocery shopping or to grab a quick bite for lunch or dinner.

My favourite local small grocery store. Fresh street is great for baked goods, cakes, breads, cookies and more. The cakes are awesome and great price. The mega cookies are always warm and to die for. Deli meats are good value as well. Middle part of store has sushi, sandwiches, curries and soups, all freshly made. Many regular items go on frequent sales. Love this place! Flower shop inside is great too.

Fresh street is a neat grocery store. The store at this location is not overly large but it has what you need. The produce is in good condition and has a healthy selection of organic products. The bakery is amazing. You gotta try the cinnamon buns!! The deli counter is complete and you gotta try the rosemary roast beef which is not cooked to well-done and is therefore not chewy and bland. The fish and meat counters have top quality selections and the service is top notch. Watch for sakes as at times you can get some significant discounts on things you love.

Great place for your grocery needs. Amazing bakery and fresh sandwich depts. Everything is always fresh and oh so good.

Nice clean,well stocked food store. First time there and really impressed. Recommend this store--YES.

From the staff to the product selection this store has it all. We shop here at least 2-3x a week. Their produce is also so fresh and looks great and their gourmet cookies from the bakery are out of this world (especially when you eat it right away). We will be shopping here for as long as we live in the area.

Love the bakery section at this grocery store. I’ve always loved Fresh St. Market but really liked this one for the friendly and helpful staff. Got the most amazing doughnuts there for my family at the bakery and can’t wait to get more. Also the variety of groceries was great.
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