Gold Room Jewellers

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Address  12014 72 Ave, Surrey, BC V3W 2L9, Canada
Phone number  +1 604-590-5199
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Only jewellry store I go to. Always quality jewellry and great customer service. I had a small fix for a silver necklace, I went elsewhere and they told me it wasn't possible, the gold room fixed it on the spot and it only cost $10. I would recommend the gold room to anyone I know

I've had a couple of custom rings made here and have been very pleased with the service, value, and quality of the work. In fact, my wife gets compliments regularly on her ring. No hesitation in recommending Gold Room Jewelers.

Good quality and value and helpful staff has always been a hallmark of The Gold Room. I have previously been one of the store's vendors and a customer and it was the this combination of quality, value and service that led me to now represent them. I currently handle all of the insurance related business for the store. While I do represent the store now, I do stand behind my review, as it is based on far more than working here.

The Gold Room has been my family's go-to jeweler for three generations. Most of the staff are very helpful, come back another day if you encounter the one who's tough to deal with. They have a great on-hand selection of better quality items than what most jewelry stores keep on hand. So if you don't want the cheap micro-diamond selection a lot of stores offer, or the look-alike rings that look nothing like what you'd get, this is a good place to visit. The major trouble I've personally had with them is that communication is lacking. Most other jewelry stores have invested in modern computers, bagging, barcodes, digital photos (if getting a customization) and email. Along with that goes calendar reminders so they call or email and you are always in the loop. None of that here. Good old paper envelopes with chits. The result, more often than not you will have to call them to get updates. Had to recently wait a month before finally calling them to find out they hadn't gotten the quote from the manufacturer yet. Previously we waited 3 weeks for a quote that was supposed to take a couple of days on a custom wedding band. If you are in a rush then you might want to try another place. If you are willing to potentially wait, then the quality is nearly unmatched.

Barb is very friendly and knowledgeable. Fair prices; quality jewelry. Had to come back to get a box for the last item I'd bought there though, so only 4/5 ☆s.

Very helpful and accomodating staffs.thank you barb for helping us today.

Absolutely the best! I wouldn't go anywhere else - great customer service, beautiful and unique jewelry :)
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