Green Timbers Pub

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Address  9167 148 St, Surrey, BC V3R 3W6, Canada
Phone number  +1 604-588-6587
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Just had a wedding reception there...Mexican themed. They served Tacos and Taquitos. They reserved a huge section for our party, set up tables and gave us one of the best Servers that one could ask for, Christine or Christie. ..she was quick, helpful, efficient and pleasant throughout. The Manager Chad chipped in lots of help too...all in all a very pleasant evening. Way to go Green Timbers!

They have darts! I love playing darts at a pub and they have a good set up for it. Service was good but only 4 stars because there was nothing really special about the decor or food. Just a good simple neighbourhood pub. I will go back.

great food, staff are professional and friendly, a def must, glad i switched from Guilford station to here and so are my friends, havent looked back since :)

The 5 dollar a pound wings start at 4pm. and they are some pretty good wings.

Fantastic & accommodating staff. The beer is cold and the food is great !
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