Guildford Station Pub

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Address  10176 154 St, Surrey, BC V3R 4J6, Canada
Phone number  +1 604-582-2800
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Elise from the Guilford is always there for any patron bar or tables always smiling constantly replenishing your refreshments. Looking out for your wants and needs . If it's food she will help you make your choice if that's what you want and always makes sure prompt service. Busy or slow Elise will take care of you. She cares .

Excellent food and service in the pub. Very friendly staff in both the pub and beer store. I always enjoy my conversations with Marlo in the beer store. We always have a good laugh. Thanks for the smile

Elise is great and always has a smile for me when I arrive for a beer and had the worst day! She is great at her job and makes sure my glass is never empty. I appreciate her when she working. Best regards. Bill

It's actually a 4 1/2 .This place has been one of my favorite since it opened years ago. Great friendly staff and the kitchen always puts out the tasting and big selection of delectable food ...great big servings . A fantastic place to meet friends or have a quiet beer and watch a game.

Helen and Marlena are always such a delight to see. Big smiles and hugs everytime I walk through the door. Helen loves to make sure my drink is always full.... and Marlena is always pushing some new superdoop yum yum drink! Love that the curly fries are back!

It's changed alot over the years but still a good watering hole .. I do recommend the sumersby peach ... truly and ingenious idea! .. but as my reviews go I usually try deep fried pickles where ever they are an option and they sure did have some! .. they were tasty came with a ranch dip, nothing fancy definitely have had better but still tasty!
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