H.D. Stafford Middle School

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Address  20441 Grade Crescent, Langley, BC V3A 4J8, Canada
Phone number  +1 604-534-9285
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Я хожу в школу здесь, мне это действительно нравится. Они вдохновляют других людей относиться ко всем одинаково, а издевательства не допускаются. Учителя тоже хороши

love the school and great teacher

Excellent place to learn, and I hate school! I still wish to this day that I spent all of my high school at this great school! I know its a middle school now and I'm sure its the same great place to learn. I hope you consider this school with its newer style design and excellent flow it makes for a wonderful learning environment! I can only hope they have the same high quality level of staff! SD35 NEEDS THAT!

Fun good friends you'll make nice people

Good sports programs

I like its a very interesting school
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