Harry's Car Wash

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Address  15409 Fraser Hwy, Surrey, BC V3R 3P3, Canada
Phone number  +1 604-497-0777
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Work time

  • monday: 24 часа в сутки
  • tuesday: 24 часа в сутки
  • wednesday: 24 часа в сутки
  • thursday: 24 часа в сутки
  • friday: 24 часа в сутки
  • saturday: 24 часа в сутки
  • sunday: 24 часа в сутки


This car wash is very well maintained and is in great condition all the time. I bumped into the owner several times who was very friendly and helpful. They recently installed a new payment option via credit card making it inexcusable to clean your car even if you never carry cash.

Great place to wash your vehicle. The price is right. Usually never a lineup unless it's mid-afternoon Saturday. The equipment works great and it's a neat and tidy establishment. Update. Used to be $2 for 3.5 minutes now just 3 minutes, but this is life... still a great facility to wash. New introduction of the tap & pay option is fantastic. No need to fish out coins or make change.

Lots of time per dollar and great pressure. The wand soap seemed a little thin but the foam brush was fantastic. The only wash I go to.

Wash your vehicle yourself and save. On site vacuums and wide assortment of air freshners and detailing material

Best priced car wash in Surrey. I would give it 5 stars if they started taking change again.

Good bang for the buck. Never usually too busy. Quick and easy wash on the go.
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