Hollywood 3 Cinemas

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Address  7125 138 St, Surrey, BC V3W 0E1, Canada
Phone number  +1 604-592-4441
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This is a must movie experience. It is like having your own personal theater for the price. Food is of course cinema quality. However, the admission is so low that a family of four can enjoy themselves for under $30 food included. They set the bar for price for sure I really hope they continue to provide exceptional service.

Cheap tickets, cheap food. You get what you pay for but it's an excellent alternative to the chain theatres. $13 got me a ticket and food and a large drink. that just gets you in the door elsewhere. highly recommended.

The Price is Right. If you get a group of nine or ten you get a better deal. The seats were comfortable. The screen and sound was good. The popcorn however was not that great as it was extremely salty and not great quality. The staff allowed us to exchange slushies instead of pop at no extra charge which was awesome.

Always a fan of discount theaters. Limited choices for snacks but those snacks are also cheaper than the larger venues. You can watch a movie with popcorn and drink for 15 bucks here...even in 3D. Their party deals seem well priced,...even though I have never taken part of them. Friendly staff that always chat it up with the customers if they have the time will make you feel like they value your patronage...something that many businesses lack today. With Dairy Queen, Little Caesars and Safeway next door...you can always eat before you watch a movie but I recommend buying something while there...it helps them stay in business.

My wife & I are seniors and don't mind waiting until new release movies are a little "old". The price for seniors is $3.75ea on all days of the week and $3.75 for everyone on Tuesdays. Concessions are also more reasonably priced than most cinemas. We have gone to both Hollywood 3 Cinemas (Surrey & Pitt Meadows) and found them relatively comfortable (not as nice as the new "lounge chairs" cinemas but still in good condition and soft. All employees have been courteous & friendly.

Saw black panther second viewing. It was great. Seats were comfy don't need to move.

Looks like they got new seats, was in cinema 1. Like this theater its small and reminds me of the good old days before huge multiplexes. The popcorn today was so salty, its been 2 hours since I left the theater and my lips are still hurting from the salt. If its this bad next time will have to skip the snacks. Why is the popcorn salty, to sell more drinks? Let people add salt if thats what they want, heard other people complain too. Dont they know salt is the silent killer! Guildford had this problem before too.

Awesome place to watch movies as they leave theatres at a totally affordable price. Wanna see the awesome new movie but not pay the $60 before you get to a seat? Then this is the place for you!!! Awesome prices on matinees, evenings, and even 3D films!! Excellent service every visit.

Manager/owner and staff are very nice and the experience is alot more personal. Amazing prices too. What going to the movies should feel like.

Great little place. Has been around for forever. Support your local businesses.

This place is old and the seats are not soo comfortable as opposed to its larger counterparts, but it gets 5 stars for the amazing service that we and I've seen everyone else get from David there.
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