Inspire Dental Group Surrey Central

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Address  101 - 13678 100 Avenue, Surrey, BC V3T 0H2, Canada
Phone number  +1 604-674-4000
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I just went to my second appointment there this morning and everyone there is so nice and professional! The receptionist Sandra is very friendly and helpful! Marcela, the hygienist, is very friendly and an excellent professional! I feel my teeth very clean and she is very careful. I didn't feel a thing while she was cleaning them! Also Dr. Cho is so nice!! Always smiling and explaining everything clearly and detailed. The office itself is very nice as well. Everything looks brand new and it is definitely a pleasant place to be. I recommend them all day long. Good luck : )

I am recently new to town and chose this as it is the closet place to my house. Boy am I glad I did! First of all the place is so well kept and clean. Sandra, the receptionist is the kind of person that makes you feel 100x better on any day! She is just so pleasant and sweet and goes out of her way to help you figure things out! Honestly, having a good receptionist makes a huge difference and Sandra is just one in a million. My hygienist, I forgot her name is simply amazing too! She takes such good care of you. Does not rush. Does an amazing job. If I could give this place more than 5 stars I would not even think twice. Well-deserved practice. Will be recommending this everyone! So happy I chose them!

In short, this is a great dental practice! Outstandingly professional and friendly. Very much recommended even if you are not conveniently nearby! Dr. Cho and Sarah are amazing. So is everyone else, but I am terrible with names. Sharing a piece of my experience: On a gloomy Friday morning, I rolled myself out of bed to go and get a filling at 8am; you wouldn't expect it to be anything glamorous. I chose Inspire at Surrey Central out of convenience because it's on my way to work. I've had my teeth cleaned there a number of times, all very pleasant. Right from the get-go I was very impressed at the professionalism and friendliness of everyone there. Everything was very thoroughly and efficiently explained. As I sat there between Dr. Cho and Sarah (a great team), all I could think about was how to tell them how great they are with a dental dam in my mouth. The process went by quickly and efficiently. Very, very, very efficiently. Like a dance of instruments before my sunglasses protected eyes. I needed to catch a bus, so the team expedited everything so I could get to my friday workday. Was there happiness added in the numbing agent for my filling? I will never know. Thanks Inspire!

I enjoyed my experience very much. All the staff were very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. All the areas are well kept and clean, and the technologies and equipment used are current (digital x-rays and the like). Definitely a fantastic dental clinic - great people; great service :)

By far the best, friendly, and knowledgeable staff I’ve ever experienced. I had x-rays done, and a cleaning and it was the most painless experience ever. The staff will for sure put a smile on your face!

Great place, great people! It's a very clean and organized place! Staffs are very friendly. I chose this place mainly because it's close to my house and also because of the good ratings. Ratings were on point, I was not disappointed at all! Also, when you come in for the 2nd visit, they would already know your name. They take time to review your profile and remember your face.

I am or was with Dr Jesten with 40 years, lately new doctors coming taking over since Dr Jesten retiring. It is a great team taking over thank God, knowledgeable, super friendly all the staff. They are all good, very good. I am an old timer, only regret is that one day I see one doctor, other day another. I would have to choose I could not, but still wish I would belong to one only. They have great communication among them, so no problem so far. I just like to go home to the same wife, same kids, same dog and cat, etc. Since I cannot write a new one, have to add to this one. I was in for cleaning few days ago. It is very disappointing. Always. Camille once again very politely told me I should do a better job flossing and all. Poor Camille, she should know by now I am lazy to the bone. But to her credit she keep trying. Good for her, she is very nice and doing an excellent job. Keep telling me and it does last may be a month. Sometime I need a kick in you know where....., time to time to keep me in line. May be what I need a monthly reminder. Anyways thanks very much for trying and being honest, I know You want the best for me. Steve

A great team of dentists, hygienists, and reception staff! The office is bright, clean, and spacious. They also reimburse you for paying for parking at the surface lot and at the underground parking, definitely makes a big difference if you see your dentist as often as I do.
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