Jewellery Clinic

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Address  10383 150 St, Surrey, BC V3R 4B1, Canada
Phone number  +1 604-584-1617
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My fiance and I custom made my engagement ring from the Jewelry Clinic and our jeweler G is amazing! My fiance proposed to me with the ring I custom made and I must say it was absolutely beautiful! I am obsessed with my ring and everyone who looks at my ring are blown away! He takes his time into custom making your ring, listens to your idea's and he will make sure it is perfect. And not to mention the Staff, I can tell they worked hard on my ring! Please don't waste your time into going to ring shops and go to Jewellery Clinic and talk to G, you won't be disappointed.

Thanks to G I get to wear a ring that I didn't think I would be able to wear again. He went way above and beyond to save something that wasn't able to be saved, according to every other jeweler we talked to. They were super thorough, explained the entire process, and always verified our diamonds in front of us before and after the service. Highly recommend!!! Super fun to visit there. Very chatty staff.

Excellent work! All the staff is professional and knowledgeable. Will be recommending Jewelry Clinic to everyone. Thanks guys!

Hidden gem! (Pun intended.) I used to buy jewellery at the mall, but realized quickly that it's better to get things custom made. I always get exactly what I want, rather than having to shop around multiple stores to find something that's only similar to what I pictured. Prices here are very fair and the quality / workmanship is always top notch. The jewellers here are patient, answering all of my many questions and really wonderful to work with. I cannot say enough. Definitely recommend.

Had a great experience getting my engagement ring appraised here. They made me feel comfortable and put me at ease while handling my custom made ring designed by my soon to be husband. This is definitely my new jewelry place!!

I can concur that G and his entire team of professionals are amazing!!! The first time they helped me out was with a silver ring I bought in Edinburgh. I needed it to be sized up. I tried a few local jewellers, all of whom all said they could not work with my unique ring without damaging the enamel design on top of it. One jeweller in White Rock told me that if anyone could do the work, it would be the Jewellery Clinic. Suffice it to say, they did a great job. I asked them about another ring I owned, this one a gold ring also unique as is was not a complete band. Diamonds were attached to each side of the opening on top. I was just going to sell it as they also give great prices on gold and silver (I took in some necklaces I didn't wear anymore and I got a good deal from them)!!! Anyways, G suggested that the team could bind the ring on top by adding a stone if I wanted to keep it. I thought I would take a chance and decided on a sapphire. The sizing was so particular that they had to order it from India!!! Well I picked it up yesterday, and I was stunned at the beauty of the ring. They do high quality work and are a incredibly creative group of professionals. Thank you to all of the staff for your fantastic work!!!

I'm so glad to have found this place ! G and the whole team were friendly and professional. He repaired a missing stone on my engagement ring so quickly and even let me watch the process ! The repair was so flawless I even commented that I couldn't tell which one he repaired. Will definitely be going to them for anything related to jewelry !

I had a diamond ring appraised here, and the staff was super friendly, professional and knowledgeable. They are an accredited appraiser of jewelry, and gave me a degree of confidence that I was selecting a reputable appraiser for my jewelry. They also explained to me what a good appraisal report would contain. thank you!
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