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K Pop Karaoke Restaurant

14914 104 Ave, Surrey, BC V3R 1M7, Канада
Phone number
+1 604-587-5767

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This rating is not based on food or drink because we didn't order, but mainly based on the cool ambiance, song choices, and customer service. The english songs have a really great variety, and the ambiance includes chalk boards, a cool set of wings in an entrance, and the rooms seem clean and fit almost a night time city vibe. The customer service however is spectacular. Our group had a reservation at 8:30, but everyone only came in at 9:30. The owner waited for everyone to come in until they started the timer! They were also very thorough with their explanation of the karaoke machine, and were super patient with us as we paid, even though we stayed quite extra than we were expecting. These people are nice and understanding, and I am planning on coming back for any other celebrations, as the pricing is fair and is great for big groups!

Great facility, fair price! Good variety of music in different languages. Personally, I hope they can get more Japanese songs.

Good place to hang out. Wish the price would be a bit lower

Very fun place to stay. Drinks were delicious. Haven't tried the karaoke but will definitely come back for it.

Love the selection of songs and ambiance. You can even get food and drinks if you wish

주인 아주머니 너무 친절하시고 서비스도 굉장히 좋은곳. 한국음악도 최신업데이트 다되있음.
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