Ki Sushi Restaurant

45 8th St, New Westminster, BC V3M 1E6, Канада
Phone number
+1 604-521-1833

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Ki sushi is an overall good restaurant. They have a large amount of options and all of it is above the standard quality. There aren't terrible wait times even in its busy swings 20 minutes is the largest I've seen. The rolls themselves don't have an overly large amount of rice on them which allows you to eat more. One of the few problems I would say is that the menu doesn't describe their special roles at all. Overall I would say this is one of my favourite places to eat in New Westminster.

The fish here is always fresh, the salmon is always wild, and the service is fast. Price considered, it is hard to beat. If you order wisely you can have a quality sushi meal for a great price. We are always treated well when we go. When we order in, they are fast and the sushi is still fresh. This is one of my favourite places to each sushi.

My favorite sushi restaurant in New West! Every time I visit Vancouver, I make sure to have at least one lunch or dinner here. They have plenty of seating - booths, tables, bar and traditional low table/tatami floor. And the food is excellent - generous portions at a really good price. The sushi itself is simply the best I've found: always super-fresh and the rolls are substantial, they don't skimp on the ingredients, vegetable or protein! Plus they do accommodate a degree of customization, if you want to add (or subtract) something from your roll. Ki Sushi also has a parking lot dedicated for their customers - which is nice, allowing people to enjoy their stay without having to worry about feeding a meter. I can't recommend Ki enough! :)

Some of the best sushi and sashimi you'll ever have in Vancouver. The quality is superb while the price is budget friendly for the LARGE portion size. I would definitely recommend/come back again.

I like places that serve brown rice options. And they are generally nice here, with fairly quick service. I wish they had better sashimi portions but ah well. If you like rolls, they do a good job.

Prices are good. Sushi is good. Nothing too wildly exciting about the spot. Service is quick . Good for larger groups.

Affordable, decent portions, fresh tasting fish. Servers could be a bit friendlier but overall was a nice experience. Wish they had a better selection of sake.
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