Kids Play Café & Café Artistico

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Address  14885 60 Ave #8, Surrey, BC V3S 1R8, Canada
Phone number  +1 604-593-5437
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I took my son here @ 8 months and he chewed on the balls and played with the bead stations but it was a bit old for him. Now he's 1 and it was perfect!! He climbed the ladder and climbing wall like a monkey and really enjoyed everything, especially the $1 train ride. What has been the best for me both times is the staff was so kind and friendly and REALLY cared that you liked your food/drink. Both times they looked over to make sure it was how I wanted it and smiled and turned away only when I said it was good. Great place.

Great place to meet up with my real estate clients who have kids. The kids are occupied and are in a safe environment while my clients and I can really discuss their real estate needs and goals. Thanks for offering such a great environment, please keep up the good work!

We love to go to this place and have always had a great experience! It's clean and the food is good. Have been going since before my son was 1 and now go with him and my 3 month old baby. Nice to have him play while I hold his sister, he always has alot of fun.

Kids Cafe!! What a cute, intimate, and lovely place for infants/toddlers/preschoolers. My 1st visit there made me so happy with the service, the cleanliness, and the food - I came back the second time and bought their 10 card pass!! My 2.5 yr old son enjoyed it so much. It is perfect for parents who want to closely monitor their child while sipping on some coffee and amazing snacks. Places like Go Bananas and Funky monkey are a bit intimidating for my toddler with too many big kids running around, and parents not being able to supervise properly. Kids play cafe gives you the opportunity to be up close with your child. But I will not lie when I say I go there for the food!!! If I lived any closer, I would probably be ordering take-out all the time.. especially the Nutella Milkshake. We give a try to new item each time on their menu and it never fails to surprise us..especially with such a reasonable price. My only suggestion - I wish it were open a little later so we could stay back for longer hours. Great place to visit with your friends and their kids for play dates etc.

Great cafe to come with kids! The food was expensive ($10 for soup and sandwich) but of decent quality. Plenty of toys for kids to play with and everyone we spoke to loves coming there. Wish there was something similar closer to where we live - drive was about 25 minutes each way for us. Our daughter really loved it. Would definitely recommend and would go more often if it was closer to home.

Great place for a coffee and/or a bite. If you have a young kid definitely a place to look for!
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