Landmark Cinemas Surrey, Guildford

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Address  15051 101 Ave, Surrey, BC V3R 7Z1, Canada
Phone number  +1 604-581-1716
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Small rooms. Very comfortable chairs.

We absolutely love this theatre. There's always something new and exciting playing to accommodate every age group. They really strive to be inclusive by offering movies in other languages (Hindi and Punjab), baby-friendly grown-up movies, sensory-friendly films, and the theatres are wheelchair accessible. They offer great deals depending on the day you go, time of the day, or whether you're a student or a senior. We also love the reclining seats and the ability to reserve our seats in advance. The toilets are always kept clean which is a bonus. If you show up too far in advance or don't want to leave straight away they have a decent arcade. The concession food is good with an adequate variety. We've always found every level of staff to be friendly and professional.

Одним из преимуществ быть местным гидом является бесплатный билет в Landmark Cinema после достижения определенного уровня. Я использовал код, прежде чем он истек. На самом деле, я был здесь несколько раз даже до самого последнего обновления, поэтому, когда я впервые сел на эти кресла, это привело меня к новому уровню комфорта и роскоши. Руководство отлично поработало, чтобы улучшить это место. Это место также периодически снимает филиппинские фильмы, поэтому это преимущество для сообщества Pinoy в Гилдфорде и его окрестностях. Приложение Atom настолько прост в использовании, что было легко приобрести билет и зарезервировать место. Спасибо, фильм Landmark и карты google для халявы

If you just wanna go to a good theater, and have comfy seats this is the best I know of. Features reserved seating, scheduled mobile food pickup, reclined seating with love seat options with foot rest, wide isles, very clean. Standard 3d and non 3d available. Also seems to offer foreign films. One downside, no coffee served, but they let you bring in coffee from outside.

The theatre is now the go-to spot for high-end movie watching comfort. No other theater even comes close right now for comfort, service, Coca-Cola Freestyle, unlimited popcorn and drink options. You just can't beat landmark. I would love to see some improvements for online ticket purchasing. They get the full 5 stars for total satisfaction.

Really great theatre, helpful and friendly staff. Amazing comfortable oversized seating. Lots of leg room and the seats recline as well. Very clean and well kept. I used to hate going to movies, but this place has changed that. Not that expensive considering the overall experience.

Love this theatre. Big and spacious. Love their black leather recliners. Their service is friendly. Always smiling. Their washrooms are cleaner than the Cineplex. Their concession is good and their popcorn always smells so good. Their arcade has a machine to buy a card to load up money to play those games. Parking is available. Has disability parking, disability seating up front in the theatre, and disability washroom too.

Для того, чтобы смотреть фильм и полностью откидываться на моем месте, это чистая радость! Они спроектировали театры, чтобы вы всегда могли пройти через остров (полностью откинутый) и никого не беспокоить! Продовольствие, обслуживание и покупка билетов были легкими и превосходными! Серьезно рекомендую

Very nice theatre. I am in a wheelchair and they accommodate by having space right in the front for wheelchairs. Saw 'A Star is Born' starring Lady Gaga. Really good sound and comfortable reclining seats for the regular customers. Very friendly service. Totally enjoyed it. Would totally recommend.

Awesome prices on reserved seating tickets! Smaller screens but seats more spread out, no risk of someone kicking the back of your seat or putting their feet on the ledge next to your head. The recliner chairs are amazing. Every 2 seats are connected and the middle can be pushed up for cuddles. Popcorn is yummy & they have a slushie machine. This is the only movie theater I'll go to now.

Nice movie theater with a couple big pluses. The lounger chairs are amazing, better than Cineplex's VIP seats. Also loved their make-your-own fountain drinks, so many options to choose from. Their Wednesday twosome promo is a great deal as well. Will definitely be back.

I love this theater! There is never a line up. you can pick your seat ahead of time online, and they have low tickets prices for the earlier showings. OH! and the seat!! UNREAL comfy!

Nice seats. Recently renovated. Being able to reserve them is great. Customers have wised up and figured out they should use the app to skip the ticket line, so now there's a bit of a wait at the ticket checker instead.

This is one of those you have to try it to believe it scenarios. People told me about this place but whatever. Then I went. Wow. Great seats. I kicked off my shoes and thoroughly enjoyed the movie experience. Go. Just go.
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