Langley Fundamental Middle & Secondary

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Address  21250 42 Ave, Langley, BC V3A 8K6, Canada
Phone number  +1 604-534-4779
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Fantastic learning and working environment. Due to small school size, students are placed in smaller classes with many more opportunities to succeed as compared to larger high-schools in the area. Langley Fundamental has great academic programs that prepare students extensively for future post-secondary ventures, with most teachers that are caring, dedicated, knowledgeable, and always willing to lend a helping hand. The overall level of education at this school is much higher than those of other highschools in the area. Students are given abundant opportunities via extracurricular programs to take leadership roles within the Fundy student community, and being involved in the biennial musicals is a highlight for many. For better or for worse, you get to know most classmates pretty well. That being said, this school is somewhat limited to the core "fundamental courses." STEM, Humanities, Music, Sports, etc. are all available, however trades, metalwork, machines/ shop courses are not taught here, and can be taken outside the timetable at nearby Brookswood Secondary. The building was originally used as an elementary school before additions were put in place, so the hallways (among other things) are really half the size what they should be. Otherwise, the facilities are pretty good, and the computer labs offer decent machines that work well for any programs that students need to use. Consecutively ranked among the top public schools in the province, and for good reason. I have really good things to say about the education, experience, and opportunities I'm currently receiving at this school. It's not a perfect school by any means, but it comes pretty close.

It's a great school we have good teachers and no spit classes. Smoking/drugs is kept to a minimum so much so I haven't seen/smelt any snice I got here

Iss aight

I think this is awesome school (although it is small ) I think it has a good atmosphere with lots of great teachers and students

Although its small, the atmosphere is wonderful. Not like HD Stafford or LSS (No offense) but I love the school and i hope you guys will love it too

My older son has been there for 3 years, daughter joining in Sep 2018 going in 6th grade. No complaints from School or teachers. Always heard good things about it.

Great school! Don’t listen to all the negative people that hate this school. Their staff is super friendly, and it is very clean.

Great school
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