Luxe Chinese Seafood Restaurant

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Address  19653 Willowbrook Dr, Langley, BC V2Y 1A5, Canada
Phone number  +1 604-530-8286
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Service was good, I visited near closing time for dim sum on a Sunday. So didn't get to experience the full "cart pushing" experience but we were able to order what we wanted and it was served fairly quick! Portion size is perfect, not too big but not too small either. Everything came out steaming hot! Wouldn't suggest the custard buns though, slightly overcooked didn't have the oozing effect :(!! They turned off their lights right at 3 though. Quality and taste is good as well. Menu option is not the largest but has the basics.

I come here pretty often, usually before my pen houses, and is always busy on the weekends. It's one of the few dim sum location that still has the tradition dim sum cart. It's good for beginners because you get to see what's what in the cart before ordering it. It's a great dim sum experience for all. I recommend making reservation on the weekends as there's line ups :)

Wonderful food, well trained staff, elegant design. This place would be a good place to host business meetings or perhaps birthday meals. It has a wonderful variety of dishes and the staff are very professional and friendly too! They have an extensive bar for all your alcoholic needs and also not alcoholic drinks for minors and non-alcohol inclined. Wonderful fine dining location, would recommend the lobster and seafood. Also try their dim sum.

Average price. Dim sum is transitional and great. Great place for brunch in general. Dinner is also good, depends on what you order. Some dishes I don't really like, but doesn't mean it is not good some one else. Peking duck is awesome, definitely recommend.

We travel from Burnaby just to have dim sum here. People ask us why as there are numerous dim sum restaurants much closer to us like in Vancouver and Richmond. Our answer? It's the best tasting dim sum we have tried. Their spicy squid is a must-to-order. You can tell the oil they use is always New and clean producing a beautiful light golden colour like sunshine on a spring day. Every bite is clean and crisp never rubbery and never requiring you to play tug-o-war to bite each piece off. Light on the batter and full of that wonderful spicy flavour. Everything else on the dim sum menu is just as wonderful. Why 4 stars? The dinner menu is average.

Much better than those in the Richmond or Vancouver. Best price to quality ratio. Ample parking, too.
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