Moby Dick Restaurant

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Address  15479 Marine Dr, White Rock, BC V4B 1C9, Canada
Phone number  +1 604-536-2424
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Я люблю это место, беру еду, чтобы посидеть на пляже или столах для пикника, будьте осторожны с чайками, которые они украдут вашу еду. Просто не забудьте получить дополнительный соус тартара, потому что этот материал похож на золото. Также, если вы заказываете один пирек, они дают вам двоих, а двое - 3 и так далее. Большие порции для обмена ☺️ Качество является последовательным после многих лет столовой здесь.

One of the best fish& chips I ever eaten. Nice and professional service. Huge portion - one piece of fish more for free - for any of fish& chips order. Good location. Very nice interior design with lot of interesting posters on the walls. Recommend this restaurant with pleasure ;)

Great little place. Really cool interior. The fish and chips were slightly greasy and I would've enjoyed the onion rings if they were slightly thicker. What's really cool is with ecery order of fish and chips, you get a complimentary peace of fish. Also would've been nice if they offered a variety of fishes to choose from such as salmon and halibut

Great service.. fish and chips were piping hot!! Clam chowder was the best.. love the presentation!! The tarter sauce is a food group all it's own. I like how you get an extra piece of fish

This place is an institution on White Rock beach. Have been going for decades and the food is always great!..The extra piece of fish is a great bonus too. The staff are polite efficient and food comes fast even when they are busy. If you love fish and chips this is the place to be

The best fish and chips in the white rock! Their clam chowder is so tasty as well. Beautiful old place, been there since 70’s. The staff are really nice and friendly. If you are in white rock you should try their fish’n chips!

Yet another nostalgic pilgrimage to this fine fish’n chip restaurant on the sea front in White Rock. Food quality met expectations. Portion was more than expected. Regardless of order size an extra price of battered fish is added. Plenty of condiments at the take out counter to dress up your order. Word of Warning! The nearby picnic tables, available to eat your order are frequented by kamikaze seagulls that literally steal the fish from your plate in mid flight. So guard your battered morsels very carefully!

If you've never been here, what is wrong with you? Seriously! Stop reading this immediately and get your butt down here and enjoy some amazing fish and chips. Why are you still reading this? Go! Go now! Before it's too late. If you made it this far, then damn, you have a problem. Get down here now and eat! STOP. READING. THIS. NOW.

Amazing little place. Great portions. Great price. Good service. Very fresh food. Definitely will return soon

Wife and I went for lunch. Had very good fish plus a large Ceasars salad. Ordered 4 pieces of fish but took 2 home. Their draft beer was excellent. Price's are reasonable and service is great. Only problem was they wrapped our remaining fish and chips in heavy paper which still allowed oil to soak through. Need a better idea for take home food.

A good, solid, fish-and-chip restaurant. The portion sizes were great (the 1 piece was plenty for me, as each option comes with a bonus piece), the restaurant was clean with some cool signage decor, and the staff were friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. I’ll be honest - it wasn’t the best fish I’ve ever had but I’m a fussy English person and it was still pretty darn good.

Keep in mind, you'll get an extra piece in addition to what you ordered. We ordered the four priceo but got five HUGE pieces. The fish was good, batter was crispy. Took about 15minutes for takeout but worth it. Plus you get a great view of the water just across the street! Parking is a bit difficult to find, however.

Cheap and delicious. I'm not sure if this is a temporary promotion but they give an extra fish on fish and chips orders so if you're planning to eat two, you might want to just order one. Orders take a while to arrive as there are many togo orders but they won't starve you before your meal arrives.

Anyone in town or who has visited town will tell you that Moby dicks is the best fish and chips in town... And they tell you this because it's true. During peak summer season snagging a table can be a very long wait. It's a great option to get to go and eat along the beach as well for a picnic. Now don't forget you get an extra piece of cod when you order. Now the most succulent thing you can press your lips against is some Moby Dick cod.

(Probably) the best Fish & Chips you can get in White Rock, great restaurant, a bit expensive, but the portions make up for that. They have a great location, being in front of parking, though their interior is not very renovated, but their staff are friendly and approachable. The wait is also a bit long, but they gave an extra piece of fish with my Fish & Chips, which is always a plus for me. The interior is a bit messy and the food takes a while to prepare which is the only reason this gets four stars instead of five. Overall great place to eat, and you should definitely come here if you're getting take-out and you aren't afraid to wait. I definitely will be coming here again.

Good Fish & Chips. They give you an extra piece for whatever you order, I personally would rather my 1 piece be excellent quality rather than having 2 okay pieces. The fish is tasty, but the batter is too thick at times. Staff is very friendly and helpful though. It's still my #1 choice in White Rock.

This place was a blast. We were able to sit outside and watch the car show quality cars drive by. Beautiful setting right by the water and the outdoor seating although a small area seemed spacious enough for our party of four. Our server was an awesome guy who made the experience that much better. Our waters were full, rounds of drinks delivered in a timely manner and the food oh my gosh it was so wonderful I am begging to go back. The food is more expensive then maybe it would be in a different area but I get they probably have higher rent to pay but just be weary if you are on a tight budget. The inside of the restaurant is full of full signs and nautical themed decorations. Please give this place a visit

We go here often... fish and chips are their coleslaw... they always add an extra piece of fish.. their portions are large..for two of us we usually order two pieces of fish with fries and a side of coleslaw and we are stuffed...cost is under 25. Before tip... and drinks...

The best fish and chips I've had! Crispy on the outside and really soft on the inside. It melts in your mouth. Can not get enough of their tartar sauce!

Excellent service, the waitresses were so sweet. The food though....everything we'd hoped for. We had originally driven in on a Monday, which happened to be Thanksgiving in Canada (we had no idea). So the restaurant was closed. But my sister-in-law said the reviews were great, so we ate somewhere else that day, and drove back into this little town on the way back into the states. The fish and chips and fried shrimp were so good! Especially the shrimp, so flavorful. Even their tarter and tzatziki sauces were really good. The clam chowder was just ok. I would definitely go back though.

Moby Dick's has been in business since I was a child. Their fish & chips are excellent and they always serve an extra piece of fish. Super friendly wait staff
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