Moores Clothing for Men

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Address  10070 152 St, Surrey, BC V3R 8X8, Canada
Phone number  +1 604-584-0800
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A big thanks to Kuldeep for his help picking out three ties today! He took the time to match multiple ties with multiple dress shirts so that I had 3 options to choose from for each shirt colour. He went the extra mile to ensure I got what I needed and was personable and friendly in doing so

I popped in and took advantage of their club members sale on accessories! A nice new leather belt for my husband's birthday. The staff were helpful as always and the whole visit was quick and seamless. Also I don't know that I would ever buy a dress shirt for my husband from somewhere else. A server spilled chile de queso all down his back while we were in Vegas. A bit of soda and dabbing and it got it well under control, right on his back, didn't need to go back to the hotel to change his shirt. A quick stain treatment and wash when we got home. The shirt is still going strong, stain free, over 6 years later.

The Staff Attendend who helped us as amazing and the other staff were so friendly. Will definitely go back!!

Great selection on suits but limited on bow ties. Good service knowledgable staff

Great suits at fair prices, quick service and friendly staff.

If you get penny you'll be happy. Otherwise it's a crapshoot

Wow. Talk about selection! Love their service as well.

The suit sale is a great deal and usually you can get a helpful tailor too.
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