My Shanti by Vikram Vij

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Address  15869 Croydon Dr, Surrey, BC V3S 0G2, Canada
Phone number  +1 604-560-4416
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Fantastic scaled down version of his famous Indian cousin. Loved it. Highly recommended. Vij himself was there and made a feel welcome, gave suggestions and was a great host. Gets very crowded.

Absolutely amazing!!! The food and service was exceptional. Will definately be recommending this place to friends and family. Thank you Vikram for being such a great host tonight. It was nice to see you going around to each table to make sure everything was going smoothly. A+

Great service and food. Love how Vikram came out and mingled with the people. That's something you don't see anymore, so that was really cool to see. Also... Chicken korma. Need I say more?

My favourite restaurant in the Lower Mainland, hands down! The prices are surprisingly reasonable considering the high quality of the food, and everything is super flavourful. Don’t be surprised when Vikram Vij himself magically appears at your table to make sure you’re enjoying yourself!

The food at this restaurant is amazing! I enjoy every single dish including their amazing garlic naan. The issues I find so far is to wait long time to be seated (this place is fairly busy) and the low light inside. Everything else is fine; Friendly service, quick service , tasty dishes, average pricing, an super clean!! Very satisfied with all my visits to this restaurant.

Been to this restaurant and it does not disappoint. The food is delicious and the flavours are well accented and balanced. The staff are always friendly to greet you and are super helpful with providing information about the menu items. So glad to have modern progressive Indian cuisine in this locale but this sibling has yet to top my experience at Vij's in Vancouver but it's a close second! But I admit My Shanti has the location and prices which would make the experience less daunting to the curious masses looking to try something new on their palate.

I was visiting family and not realizing where we were going for dinner. So impressed with the vibe, service, food was impeccable and to top it off had the honour to meet Vikramji. If my Bibiji loved the food that means you create tasty Indian food! Thank you for making our experience top notch!

An epic, refreshing, and pleasantly surprising meal experience. The food was spectacular. We ordered 4 mains and had plenty to take home with us. The goat was perfectly seasoned and the charred accent elevated the flavor. The spices were well balanced and not overpowering and it made for a meal that I can't wait to take more family and friends to enjoy. Highly recommended.
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