Nesters Market

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Address  16033 108 Ave, Surrey, BC V5N 4P3, Canada
Phone number  +1 604-581-4188
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Great little supermarket but definitely not a full size supermarket. It's a great place to shop for that hard to find product or brand as they have a lot of the "smaller" brands(but I'm sure some are owned by the bigger company's but you'll still find some Ma & PA type brands). A little more on the pricey side of things but that's expected of this type of market. Friendly staff and any time they see a line forming they open more tills. Small parking lot but whatever, they the only game in town for kilometers!

Great store in a convenient location. The staff are extremely friendly and always willing to lend a hand. The last visit was an unusually fun grocery trip - all thanks to this lovely fellow handing out free Teagosa Coffee.

Had an awesome time at this Nesters! The staff are outgoing and friendly. Usually lots of free samples over the weekend. You can find many local and specialty products. I always find something new each visit!

A little ok the pricy side but they do have a large selection of harder to find items. Staff are helpful in the meat and seafood department

Great staff, nice sized store with great selection of items.

slightly overpriced and has a limited selection, but if you live in the area then it's definitely useful for emergencies and small purchases

Local smaller grocery store with a full service deli and post office. Really great staff make this a pleasure to shop here.
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