Newton Dental Group

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Address  6700 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC V3W 4Z5, Canada
Phone number  +1 604-591-2247
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This a wonderful dentist office...Can't say enough of the amazing treatment we received Dr Ziv is one of the best ..She is so gentle and even my 7 yr old grandson who had to have some work done loves her and can't wait to go back ...Highly recommend Newton Dental Group...

Я всегда боюсь пойти к дантисту, но доктор Кунг заставил меня чувствовать себя очень комфортно. Они были гибкими с назначением таймингов и размещали меня по запросу в минуту списка. Отличная работа всем

My family and I have been going to Newton Dental Group for many years.Everybody there are really nice.Dr.Ziv is the best and I like hearing about her kids.She is a great dentist!

Very professional and accommodating! The staff talks to you and makes you feel comfortable, which is really important if you are the type to feel anxious about going to the dentist. Definitely the best dental office I've ever been to.

My family and I cannot praise Dr. Ziv and her associates and staff at Newton Dental Group enough! We have had exceptional service and experienced nothing but the very best treatment since we moved to them. You know how pleased we must be, when I say that we left our dentist on the north shore (2 km from where we live) and travel almost 50 mins to see Dr. Ziv and her team! It’s 100% worth it!! They are professional, on time (which is HUGE!!) and are extremely accommodating when there is an emergency visit needed (minor or major). I would put Dr. Ziv and her associates in first position for dental work in the entire joke!! I’ve lived in several cities and provinces (even countries) and have never been more satisfied.

I have been going to Newton Dental Group for a year now, and let me just start by saying that the staff from the receptionist desk to the dentistry doctors are incredibly amazing. Dr. Ziv is who I’ve been seeing for my teeth for the past year, and let me just say that her work efforts, knowledge, caring and helpful attitude and feedback are extremely appreciated. She takes the time out of her busy schedule for each and every client to ensure no one is left unsatisfied! Thanks team for your amazing efforts, and for my smile....

The best clinic to go for dental work. I would recommend this place very strongly.
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