Old Surrey Restaurant

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Address  13483 72 Ave, Surrey, BC V3W 2N7, Canada
Phone number  +1 604-596-2313
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I really like this restaurant. The food is so good, every time. They usually have a course menu that you can choose, where you have a choice of 2 or 3 things for each course at a set price. They have their regular menu as well. This place is a bit pricey, but it's expected with a higher end establishment. They do have high chairs, but I wouldn't recommend bringing a small child. We don't take our toddler when we go. Many things are made right at your table, so that can be a lot of fun. Perfect spot for a romantic dinner also. Highly recommend. Oh, and leave room for dessert!

Old style southern French cuisine with good emphasis on seafood. Do look for chef's special menu. Tonight we have a soft shell crab appetizer wonderfully prepared. The main course of steak and lobster is nicely done too. They also prepare everything including ice cream the traditional way. They make their own ice cream in front of you with raw milk and nitrogen. Yes they don't just buy ice cream from gelato store, they really make it with raw ingredients right in front of you. it is so fresh it even beats Mister Artisan Ice cream in my own opinion. Definitely recommend them to everyone.

This place is truly amazing! After dinner get the B52 coffee. They make it in front of you and set it on fire! Great staff, great food, and great people. We will definitely be back!I

We had our 22nd anniversary here. Service, food and atmosphere was 10/10. Our server Spiro and everyone who helped him was fantastic. We are not even going to wait for another special occasion to go again. If your looking for romantic fine dining look no further. Our new favorite place to go. Cheers.

Excellent place to eat. Definitely a hidden gem, I would choose to go here over anywhere downtown! The price is fair and many of the specials are great value. The food tastes great and is very memorable with the tableside service. The ambiance is comforting and the staff are very friendly. James was our server and is exactly what you want to see in the service industry. Can’t wait to come back.

Always a great time and atmosphere. We've been coming here for over 15 years and never been dissatisfied. Friendly staff and excellent food. Table side service is just one of the little extras that make it a great place to dine in for a relaxing evening dinner. The owners have kept it family run and you can still see them coming in from time to time to enjoy dinner and greet their guests. Their son does wonders in the kitchen and the servers are the best around, even greeting you by name once they get to know you. If you enjoy fine dining and want a very welcome and nice time, definitely come to the Old Surrey.
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