Once Upon A Child - Surrey

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Address  4, 3238 King George Boulevard, Surrey, BC V4P 1A5, Canada
Phone number  +1 604-536-6823
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I love the layout of this shop, I’m there at least once a month (I have 4 kids of varying ages). I find the prices extremely reasonable. It’s not as easy to find age 5-9 and that’s due to the wear of the clothes by kids that age I’m sure. But lots of baby and toddler and lots for older kids 10-16. Could the ladies be friendlier? YES. But the gentleman sure has customer service down (I assume he’s the owner or manager). They are a franchise so they follow their franchise guidelines but I think they should consider taking sweatpants/jeans with stains, maybe have a section for “kicking around” clothing. I need sweats for sports and don’t care about a stain here and there. I also consign here, my last experience left me with a bad taste. They called and said come get your stuff before closing or it will be donated tomorrow. Wow, like give me a chance to no-show before leaving a somewhat arrogant message. I get others might have not shown up on time but I had no intent on not keeping my word. Overall though, I still highly recommend this store.

Большой выбор мягко используемых предметов для детей. Магазин организован хорошо, и есть место с игрушками для старших киддосов, чтобы играть, так что они вас не беспокоят, а шоппинг

I was very impressed with the pricing of their baby clothing. Everything we purchased was in amazing condition for used items. I can't say that the staff was friendly or helpful but, honestly, I went in for clothes, had no problem finding the sizes I needed as they were all organized so well that I didn't need anyone to help me. If i was paying $30 for a baby outfit I would probably have expected someone to help but seeing as I was paying roughly $3 an outfit it was a good trade off. Plus i hate pushy sales staff following me around the store. I will definitely be coming back soon as you can't beat the price, quality and selection!

Good service. Fair products. Good selection. Clean and organized.

Always impressed with the selection and price of items, it is getting hard to shop there for my older daughter who is in size 5 and 6 (but thats probably because clothes get worn out more in that size and i can't really blame the store for that). I have never sold to them as i have not heard good things about the prices they give - though if they paid people more, they would have to charge me more for the items.
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