Pacific Community Church

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Address  5337 180 St, Surrey, BC V3S 4K5, Canada
Phone number  +1 604-574-4001
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Amazing Biblical teaching, spirit-filled worship and down to earth people who are friendly and most welcoming. We love this church!

Can't say much about the church services because I've never been to one, but I do go to a Youth Group there that Village Church hosts every tuesday night. I love the environment and building, great job on how they turned a warehouse into a Church.

Helping the homeless and the hungry.

A very healthy and vibrant community, with strong leadership and welcoming people.

Great place to meet people

Having formerly served on the staff of Pacific Community Church, I have found myself to have been deeply shaped by these men and women. Since leaving as a staff member, I have since returned as a layperson with my wife and children - in the years I was away PCC only became more engaged in the life of the community. They host the Cloverdale Community Kitchen, which provides meals multiple times a week to different men, women, and children in our community. They also host the Cloverdale Christmas Hamper project, and are hosts of 'The Coldest Night of The Year,' amongst other community engagement. They do this not to serve themselves, but to really serve our community. Pastor Brian's preaching is top-class, both Biblically rich, and well applied. Pastor Jim's organizational abilities are of the highest quality. The two of them together are an incredible combination. The members of the church, including the other staff and elders, are very warm and welcoming people. They genuinely care about each other and our community. In a challenging season they have cared for my family in various ways. We are deeply grateful for this church.

A welcoming church, a great place to worship. PCC is part of the Christian Missionary Alliance.
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