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Pacific Inn Resort & Conference Centre

1160 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC V4A 4Z1, Канада
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+1 800-667-2248

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The Pacific Inn is a long time hotel at this location. All the locals know this Hotel as the "Pink Palace" or a least that's what we call it. We stayed here a week while doing our renovations a few years back. Great swimming pool and fitness centre, with daily classes and lessons for both. We have attended and used the conference facilities since and always have enjoyed this hotels atmosphere and atrium. Thanks for the fun times and we will be back ....

Neat and clean. Service also good and view is also beautiful

The hotel is a bit dated and dingy looking on the outside. The room wasn't fancy, but it was comfortable as clean. When we checked in, the front desk person wrote my credit card number on the back of the statement for our stay before she ran it for a hold for incidentals. When I asked why she was doing that and what secure space it was going to be stored in, she said they usually use a machine for it but my card number was unusual (it's an USA bank card and we were in Canada, I have no idea whether they have different formats for credit cards there). She indicated it would be stored in a secure drawer. When we checked out, the sheet of paper was definitely not in a secure place, as it was in a filing box behind the counter, not locked up. Time will tell whether my credit card number has been stolen.

The inn is quite impressive, did not expect for it to be so large. The reception is awesome, everyone is friendly and super nice. But appliences and floors need to be updated. Carpet was very dirty and the ariconditioner did not work in our room.

I like it. I live 5 minutes away and still stay here. It's like a mini vacation to mexico. The rooms and facilities are a bit dated, but personally I think it adds to the character. Word is they are going a full Renovation and rebranding in the near future. Hopefully they don't ruin the vibe.

Was there servicing the hotel for a job. I was surprised when I walked in and saw and old fashioned style villa like scene. The concierge was quite nice
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