Panther Paintball & Airsoft Sports Park

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Address  19022 16 Ave, Surrey, BC V3S 9R9, Canada
Phone number  +1 604-533-0890
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Always a fantastic time coming here. Been playing at Panther for almost six years now and always have great time. Meet new people and play with groups. My group loves heading out to play!! Also French fries!!! The concession also takes cards now :)

I've been paintballing at panther for about 10 years now. They have had ups and downs but the staff I interacted with last time were excellent. Overall the experience at panther is a good one. There are a few small issues that mean I can't give them a 5 star review but beyond those every there is good. The good: -lots of different fields to play on, with lots of well built cover as well as natural cover. -friendly and helpful staff who want you to have a good time The bad: -sometimes understaffed -not the greatest bathrooms -can sometimes be disorganised While I do point out a a few shortcomings that are present at panther, they are not major enough to make me give it much lower of a rating. (In fact it is barely even as low as a 4/5 star). Overall you will have lots of fun here.

Played Airsoft here for my son's birthday and it was a lot of fun! The staff were really friendly and helpful to us "noobs". They made safety a high priority which I really appreciated. The field was really cool--in the forest with lots of bunkers, buildings, etc. We played several public games with some regulars and I was really impressed how everyone was very welcoming and willing to help us out. Very good sportsmanship and cool atmosphere. We can't wait to go back!

Amazing place with very friendly staff. Whether you're renting or drop-in it's always a great experience.**AIRSOFT INFO** they are open for party/booking from mon-fri and on Saturdays/Sundays are drop-in with available rentals. call your hits and have a great time.

Although the name says paintball, it's almost all airsoft now. They are very good with safety and do a good job of maintaining and upgrading the field. It is a blast and great value.

Fun place for battle. Great staff. Food could be better. Roads to get to command base rentals needs big improvement. Lots of deep pot holes.

This is a good place for airsoft. The staff is nice. I would go every weekend if the weather was better.
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