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Fast and quick service by so kind staff working here. No much expected delay. Staffs are very friendly. The place situated is so nice and easy to find location. Bring your documents after checked twice. Ask the staff if you have any questions about the procedures involved. Bon voyage...!!!!!!!!

FYI this was for Sinclair Centre in Vancouver January 8, 2018 Commissionaire was at the entrance greeted and directed us into three queues: rush passport, simplified passport and “all others”. Wait time for “all others” was over 1 hour ; for simplified passport was touted at 35 minutes. Pretty much right on the numbers for time. Clerk was matter of fact but not rude. No wasted time dawdling. Overall impressed with speed considering the room was full of people.

Wow, I'm amazed by the speedy services at this location! Fastest ever yet that I personally experienced across Canada at any passport office or even any government service centres. I was there for my passport renewal in-person, from waiting in line to payment, I went in and out within 10 minutes! Highly recommended! Kudos to the efficiency of the staffs there!

fast service been there twice for renewals. very busy place,but goes fast about 15 minutes both times. they have lots of people working there

I went to this location to apply for my passport. Office opens at 8:30 but i went early. I waited in the line for 30 minutes. The Security Officer was very friendly and helpful. She made sure everyone waiting was in the correct line she also informed us about which counter to go to when the doors open. Once the office opened I was in and out within 8 minutes. I was really happy with the customer service and how organized and friendly everyone was.
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