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Great selection for most common house pets. I spend quite a bit to get the good quality I expect for my fur babies, but I can’t complain! I love that I can bring my pup inside instead of the dreaded keep them home/safely in the car problem. Staff are pretty high energy, polite, at tentative and knowledgeable, I couldn’t ask for better service. I docked one star for the grooming salon. No communication, they will just chop off everything if they feel it’s the right thing to do. It’s like great clips for your dog. Never. Again.

Place was pretty quiet while my dog, Cooper, and I browsed the toy aisle. They have a wide variety of pet toys available, but of course Cooper wanted to go see the other animals in the store. I told him we didn't have time for that and I didn't trust him not to bark at the guinea pigs. He told me he wouldn't, but I knew better, so we compromised. I told him we could go to the park if he would just pick a toy, and he agreed. Eventually, we settled on a plush toy squirrel because he loves chasing squirrels. Anyway, we had a nice time there, and the staff are very friendly.

Very nice shop, staff is polite, helpful and very knowledgeable. Pet smart carries all items needed for pets. They arrange from affordable to high quality items. For my pet needs I trust pet smart.

Got 5 goldfish from their. Put them in a medium sized tank. Pet smart told us they won’t live for 2 days. It's been 2 years and they are fine.

He loves coming there.. getting fully groomed... plus all the treats and toys he can get in his mouth

The animals seem to be generally healthy. I have bought rats from PetSmart before and they were in very good shape. They all lived very long for rats. PetSmart also has a cool thing where they have descriptions of the personalities of the cats, and health information, written on clipboards on their cages so you get a good idea of the kind of cat you are getting. The only disturbing thing is the fish. The fish do not look good. Sometimes there are as many as ten dead fish in a tank. The tanks themselves are far too small. When it comes to the fish they definitely went for quantity over quality. Apart from this unappealing aspect it is a great place to get a variety of pets, from ball pythons to budgies they have you covered. Also their range of foods, toys, and equipment is impressive. I would buy pets here again.
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