1289 E Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5T 1Y8, Канада
Phone number
+1 604-876-6318

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Convenient location. Has all the basic necessities of a convenience store. Easily accessible on a busy intersection if you're coming from any direction except west.

Gas prices are rising but you can always find some snacks at decent prices

Look people ... gas stations are like Mogwai ... if we don't support our local gas stations they are going to Gremlin us and turn into offshore sold rental flip Condos. And we are going to have to drive to Surrey to get gas.

you pay money... gas comes out. win/win

Excellent gas station and store. You can tap at the pump too.

Very nice place, people friendly and helpful.

This gas station is probably one of the most dangerous ones to go to. Knight street has more 18 wheel trucks than SUVs. Good luck getting out onto Knight. However if you're going on Fraser, you're good to go.
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